Problem: How can we attract affluent travelers in a human-centric and cost-effective manner?

Companies: This is Ground & American Airlines
My role
: Head of UX & Design
Location: Los Angeles, California
When: 2017


Our strategy targeted affluent travelers by placing our products in business and first-class on American Airlines. Partnering with an LA-based marketing firm specialized in airline amenity kits, we licensed our brand and guided the design of these kits. This not only enhanced brand visibility but also proved profitable, as we earned from the airline's payments to the marketing studio.

The next phase involved engaging passengers with a call to action, steering them towards our brand to convert sales or gain followers, leveraging our initial exposure from the in-flight kits.


“The changes we’ve made to this year’s amenity kits were driven by our customers’ feedback about what they desire and value while traveling."

- Janelle Anderson, Vice President of Global Marketing for American


The impact of the This Is Ground amenity kits on American Airlines was quantifiably significant. The introduction of the QR code in these kits led to a 20% increase in website traffic, a figure we meticulously tracked back to the code itself. This surge in online engagement was not only substantial but also directly attributable to our strategic placement of these kits on the flights.

Annual revenue the year we launched the American Airlines collab.

Increase in traffic to our web based store from the onboard QR code.

Instagram followers post the American Airlines activation.

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