👋🏼  Hello!
I’m Mike, product design leader and designer in California.

I approach design with a mix of empathy, taste, and measured precision, solving people problems to make life easier. I do this by simplifying complexity, orchestrating details, and fostering a sense of wonder in every interaction.


In 2022, I led design for Meta’s VR Entertainment pillar, a team comprising Product Designers, Prototypers, and Game Designers.

Exploring ways to offer an experience with synchronous social interactions and tent pole events in VR, was my primary focus with the launch of Meta's virtual reality event platform.

In 2020, I led the privacy consumer product design team for Facebook.

In 2012 I co-founded Science, a startup studio in Los Angeles, California to help entrepreneurs launch their new brands. Among the many consumer brands we launched, I led the strategy, design, and launch for This is Ground, a leather goods company in the travel space.

In 2009, I led design for the Myspace reboot.

more projects
·  Disney, Storytelling
·  Ground Control, AI
·  Science, Startup Studio
·  Intuit, TurboTax